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Nibirans described asteroids as items of Earth knocked into Area when, four billion many years ago, a moon of Nibiru struck Tiamat. “Debris from the reduce fifty percent of Tiamat stretched into House. Sumerian texts as well as the biblical Edition thereof” mentioned the asteroid belt, a bracelet of particles, orbited the Sunshine involving Jupiter and Mars, “but our astronomers weren't aware about that” until in 1801 Piazzi located the first asteroid, Ceres. “It’s taken modern-day astronomy generations to see what Sumerians knew 6,000 years back. [

“A young one to him Enki termed, a tree fruit she offered him. Enki bent down, the young a single he embraced, on her lips he kissed her.

One of several points we uncovered without meaning to is that the universe and all other components of it is in fact idiomaterial. Idiomaterial implies that it's make any difference and considered and we can’t tell it apart. Lifestyle physics (that's what arrived out of the effort and hard work) basically leads us to seek explanations on causation, not just the unification of all forces of character (as materials or typical physics does). We use a way and technique of likely out in the body that's technologically supported and permits someone to do that on need; we termed it extension neurosensing (or ENS for short). The theory and engineering was made by a few of us.

In Egypt an official of your pharaoh worked Joseph being a household slave. The official’s spouse attempted to seduce Joseph. When he refused her sex, she reported he’d propositioned her. The official jailed him. In jail, Joseph won renown as he saved examining dreams.

Harappa highlighted two-tales higher, baked brick similar houses with flat roofs; Each individual with Home windows that forgotten a courtyard.

Hatshepsut adopted the boy and named him Moses.” She gave him “the epithet widespread in her dynasty Along with the part mss

Preah and later on kings lessened community sandstone to some slushy concrete. They poured the sandstone concrete into molds that formed continuous mile-extensive walls on four sides of your temple complex.

“Walls, conduits, receptacies, channels kind a number of water-channeling buildings just one over one other; rain or spring water could circulation from level to builders buckets level. A massive hircular area enclosed by megalithic ashlars lies underground in a level allowing the managing off with the water from the circular area–a big-scale gold-panning facility. The water was flowed off througth the sluice-chamber and absent throughout the labyrinth.

They flew me to Boston to have my health-related & blood tests finished by a Harvard Professor. The results of my blood test was that I have an unknown blood issue/bloodline that isn't standard human blood. I'd no clue what any of this bloodline stuff was about at this time.

Each of the smaller chambers has a large flat basin stone. Every year, for the Winter season solstice, the growing Solar shines directly alongside the extensive passage and lights up the internal chamber and, for seventeen minutes, sunlight enters the passage via a specially contrived opening, known as a roofbox, directly higher than the key entrance.

“The Location of Launching, the Spaceport, obliterated: the Mount inside which the managing equipment was positioned was smashed; the start platforms ended up manufactured to fade off the facial area from the Earth.

“Granite Employed in The good Pyramid provides off a major electromagnetic cost, has twenty five% quartz and it has the chance to increase audio. The magnitite inside the granite can be a all-natural magnet that produces all around it a magnetic discipline. The Giza pyramids’ Main includes crimson granite, Probably the most conductive rocks on the planet resulting from its superior contents of quartz, iron, and magnitite.

“A row of 6 colossal monoliths stand to the topmost terrace. The builders bags gigantic stone blocks are from eleven to fourteen ft large, 6 or even more feet in width and vary in thickness from 3 to above 6 feet. These fifty-ton or so blocks stand joined alongside one another without mortar with long dressed stones inserted among the colossal blocks to produce an excellent thickness.

A line drawn in Continue the center from the Avenue passes with the center on the circles and holes to form the structures axis” along which are marker stones, among which, the Heel Stone, ended up positioned along the axis.

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